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Finally! A listicle that's worthy of my squee!

*Even though, admittedly, the reasoning behind #15 is pretty flimsy, and God knows the Backstreet argument's nothing fans haven't heard before. #8, man. #8 grinds any and all other nitpicks into the dust, because: I KNEW IT. *launches into a clumsy victory jig* Mariah is nothing if not a friend to the bottoms!

**Also: bonus hilarity in the comments from some serious, serious folks who feel that bottoming is not a joking matter, yo. :)
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*obnoxious throat clearing sounds* I feel like I wouldn't be doing my job as an LJer - nay, as a human being - if I didn't draw attention to the following:

Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman almost certainly did it (and that's wonderful)


Walt Freakin' Whitman, master of the swoonworthy pick-up line! Who knew? ("'Thee and Thou' terms": guh. Such a rogue.) Now that would've spiced up the dry-as-dust tour of his birth place I took a couple of years ago. :)

And as long as I'm in a coding kinda mood, here's A Brief History of Slash, which manages to be that rare thing: a mainstream article about fandom that doesn't make me cringe.
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The trusty ol' vibrator cart rolled into town today, spreading its cheer and goodwill like, well, like a hot dog cart that dispenses free vibrators. (I'm sorry, but if there's anything that can kill a good metaphor, it's a free vibrator.)

Don't believe me? Behold the awesomeness: streets/ (Just ignore the douchecanoe ranting about 'Sodom and Gomorrah' in the comments.)

ETA: Apparently there was some legal snafu which the mayor's office has now cleared up, in a rare show of initiative. Looks like Mayor Bloomberg really, really wants us all to masturbate. :)
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A little over an hour ago I stepped onto a subway car that was packed to the gills with scantily clad young gentlemen, many of whom were covered in pink and gold body paint. One of them pinched my cheek and called me "Princess".

God, I love Gay Pride Weekend. :)

In other news, Kevin Richardson as a crooning, drug-addicted vampire, anyone?
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Day 9 - threesomes or moresomes!

There's been a lot of discussion amongst us reccers regarding Day Nine. The general consensus seems to be that stories like this require plot and context to help them transcend the ranks of Mere Sparkly Porn. And yet...while I agree with all that (and I do! I'm all about the context, I swear!), I never claimed to be a saint, so

Normally Kinky by [ profile] quiet1fic (nsync GSF)
Yup, it's gonna be THAT kinda list. Seriously though, while this story may be wildly porntastic it's also a striking portrayal of group dynamics at play. I have a soft spot for this Justin, uncomfortably reticent and unsure of his place in his own band.

Team Spirit: pulling together by Lily
Is most of this story a flimsy pretext for lots and lots of group sex in a communal shower? Quite possibly. Do I care? Not when the result is a fun and inventive summer camp AU featuring Justin as a perky male cheerleader and Lance as a wonderfully sullen goth kid (with eyeliner!).

No Place Else by Rhys (Chris/Lance/JC)
Not even halfway through the month and I'm already failing myself. I've been trying my hardest not to rec the same author more than once, but I may have to rethink that policy. Chris and Lance are dating, and Lance decides that JC is going to be part of their relationship wether he likes it or not. I love the way Chris and JC both chafe against their designated roles, that they don't fall into the situation naturally and that they retain their prickly uncertainty even while Lance, as ever, remains smooth and confident about the whole thing.

The Royal We by Tiffany Rawlins (nsync GSF)
More like an increasingly twisted character study than anything else. The guys take turns fantasizing about each other. This is gorgeously written.

And while we're on this topic, the fabulous [ profile] mickeym has recently decided to torture me by mentioning she's got a partially completed Chris/JC/Chris time travel story in her WIP files. It's likely that if this thing ever came to fruition it would melt my face off just by sheer dint of its' existence. Maybe a large-scale mass poking is in order?
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Here's a fic I wish already existed, popslash-wise:

A long, fanciful, JC/anyone version of The Little Mermaid. (Yes, I have fallen down into an obsessive Disney spiral these last couple of weeks. It happens, from time to time, but the results are rarely ever so slashy.) I insist on it being a JC pairing b/c I have this image in my head of JC flouncing around on the beach, clumsily trying to charm the prince with his...charms.

It doesn't have to follow the Disney formula in order to please me. I don't require talking animals or calypso music. I can even handle a maudlin ending as long as there's plenty of sex and scenes of JC standing on the shore, staring wistfully out at the ocean as tears of despondency roll beautifully down his face. And shirtlessness. Lots of shirtlessness.

I should probably just shut up and write this myself. Except I'd like for it to, y'know, not suck.


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