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- I can think of at least two dozen reasons NOT to buy this dress, but they all wither and die in the face of TYPEWRITING SQUIRRELS! Obviously--obviously--I need this in my life, right? Right. I'm amazed I've lived without it this long, quite frankly.

- Into The Woods is playing at Shakespeare in the Park this summer, causing my Sondheim-loving little heart to do cartwheels of joy! I'm a little skeptical about Amy Adams being cast as The Baker's Wife, but you can still bet that when I found out about this I templed my fingers and said "Eeeeexcellent" in a most Mr. Burns-ian fashion. :)

- Reading everyone else's NKOTBSB concert re-caps! I'm still a bit bitter that I couldn't swing it myself this year, financially speaking--but secondhand squee is far, far better than none at all! (And that video of Nick Carter motorboating some girl? I died.)

- Game Of Thrones continues to knock my socks off...even though I usually end up watching about 90% of it through the spaces between my fingers./squeamish

- My mother's reaction to the whole John-Travolta-fondling-himself-in-front-of-hotel-masseurs scandal: "But--but he CAN'T be gay; he's ITALIAN!!!" Priceless.

- I found out yesterday that I am not the only person in my workplace who recoils in horror at the sight of that eyeless, Sopranos-esque talking lemon from the McDonald's commercials. (I'm pretty sure his official purpose is to make us want a strawberry lemonade? Or possibly to haunt our nightmares like a lemony specter of wrongness. One of the two.) It's always nice to know you aren't alone. :)

- And last but CERTAINLY not least: I met [ profile] zebraljb! She's awesome, face-meltingly funny and, best of all, she didn't make fun of the lopsided farmer's tan I got from milling up and down 8th Ave all afternoon. AND she brought me souvenirs from Hershey Park(!). (Oh, and we, um, may have partially written a Real World AU in which JC and Lynn Harless co-manage an erotic bakery, so. Yeah.) All in all, not a bad time.


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