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So it appears Lance's pet name for his fiancée is 'Turkey', which is about as face-meltingly adorable as it gets. And thus I am torn, 'cos I've been hearing all these vague fan murmurings over the last week or so, things about how Michael is shady and golddigger-y and quite possibly the second coming of Reichen ("The Many Loves of Lance, Part 2: The Reichen-ing"! Heh.) and...I don't know. I don't know! I s'pose I'll have to console myself with the idea that none of this is any of my business, in any way, on this planet or any other.

Hurricane by [ profile] myalexandria is, by my count, the second all-new fic to have been birthed in the sweet, sweet post-reunion afterglow and it's poignant and understated and chock full of baby!Justin goodness. Justin's pretty perceptive, for a kid. Although, sometimes? It really is all about the TrickC. As it should be. (Yes, I'm biased. No, you're not allowed to judge me.) Featuring a sharper, more dangerous Lance than you usually find in Germany-era fics.

Honestly, I think my favorite thing about this story is just that it exists. All this renewed interest in sparkly shenanigans can stick around for a good long while as far as I'm concerned.

Lastly, just to prove I can talk about something other than boybands--don't roll your eyes at me! I can!--here's something that gave me a much needed laugh this week: it seems the creator of the foam finger is none too happy with Miley Cyrus.
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Does anyone have a copy of 'Blood A Necklace', by [ profile] circusgirl? It's a Chris/JC AU, set in the Old West...aaaaand that's about all I can remember. (Gimme a break! I haven't read it in YEARS.)

I tried emailing the author a few months ago; she never answered me, so I figured I was just beating a dead horse. Then the other day someone asked about it on [ profile] popstoryfinders, effectively rekindling my sweaty, pathetic desperation; knowing there's a TrickC AU out there that I can't access--a historical one, no less!--is driving me up the wall!


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