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1. This just may be my new favorite thing. *pouts* If only someone loved me enough to use my birthday as the jumping off point for a dystopian clown massacre...

2. Kimber and Stormer are totally an item! My inner seven year old is hopping up and down and shouting "I knew it!" Plus, whoever's in charge of the redesign has made Stormer pleasantly chunky and given Kimber a boss undercut and, really, I should not care so much about this, but you know what? I do. I do.

3. From the makers of my beloved Seven Minutes in Kevin, I present: Cages Through the Ages. Soon. Soon my topmost bedside drawer will be filled with dozens of lip glosses that I don't need and won't wear, all of them bearing the Nicolas Cage as an Unfriendly Puritan Matron label art and I will be content.

4. I think I'm a few weeks late to this party, and Lord knows the accompanying article is hella flawed (Seriously? Wattpad?), but -- look! Flesh Mechanic cover art! Of professional quality, even! Not too shabby, eh?*

5. I called my mom this afternoon and, as I've done every Good Friday since time immemorial, informed her that I was about to prepare a whole, rare, dripping Christmas ham and then eat it with my bare hands while listening to the Godspell soundtrack. And then I laughed my best Skeletor laugh while she sputtered "No! You can't!", sounding alarmingly like Edith Bunker, and...look, I know it's not that funny, but I don't have a lot of traditions, so I'm gonna keep on clinging to this one like it's a ham-shaped life raft -- at least for the time being.

*Also, I have to wonder if anyone asked the writers for permission. Really, it's all kinds of problematic, isn't it? Blerg.
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So...a woman approached me in the tampon aisle at CVS this morning. (That sounds like the set-up for some terrible joke, She worked for NPR, she said, and she was looking for people to talk about their biggest fears while her creepily looming cameraman shoved his lens in their faces. I told her my biggest fear was being filmed tired and makeup-less, clutching an extra large box of unscented Kotex.

I mean, I do feel a little bad for exaggerating; that's not really my biggest fear. It's definitely in the top ten, though.
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Jesus Dress Up!

Question: how happy am I that this exists?

Answer: VERY
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- I can think of at least two dozen reasons NOT to buy this dress, but they all wither and die in the face of TYPEWRITING SQUIRRELS! Obviously--obviously--I need this in my life, right? Right. I'm amazed I've lived without it this long, quite frankly.

- Into The Woods is playing at Shakespeare in the Park this summer, causing my Sondheim-loving little heart to do cartwheels of joy! I'm a little skeptical about Amy Adams being cast as The Baker's Wife, but you can still bet that when I found out about this I templed my fingers and said "Eeeeexcellent" in a most Mr. Burns-ian fashion. :)

- Reading everyone else's NKOTBSB concert re-caps! I'm still a bit bitter that I couldn't swing it myself this year, financially speaking--but secondhand squee is far, far better than none at all! (And that video of Nick Carter motorboating some girl? I died.)

- Game Of Thrones continues to knock my socks off...even though I usually end up watching about 90% of it through the spaces between my fingers./squeamish

- My mother's reaction to the whole John-Travolta-fondling-himself-in-front-of-hotel-masseurs scandal: "But--but he CAN'T be gay; he's ITALIAN!!!" Priceless.

- I found out yesterday that I am not the only person in my workplace who recoils in horror at the sight of that eyeless, Sopranos-esque talking lemon from the McDonald's commercials. (I'm pretty sure his official purpose is to make us want a strawberry lemonade? Or possibly to haunt our nightmares like a lemony specter of wrongness. One of the two.) It's always nice to know you aren't alone. :)

- And last but CERTAINLY not least: I met [ profile] zebraljb! She's awesome, face-meltingly funny and, best of all, she didn't make fun of the lopsided farmer's tan I got from milling up and down 8th Ave all afternoon. AND she brought me souvenirs from Hershey Park(!). (Oh, and we, um, may have partially written a Real World AU in which JC and Lynn Harless co-manage an erotic bakery, so. Yeah.) All in all, not a bad time.


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