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So the murderer on tonight's episode of Dateline -- 'cos crime shows on a Friday night is my life now, apparently -- was named [[SPOILER ALERT]] Lance Kirkpatrick.

(Cue awkward, fangirl-ish giggling. From me, mostly.)

And the guy who narced on him? A ripped, unnecessarily shirtless dude called Brian. Amazing.
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Dear Christmas Smut,

I kind of hate you, and the thought of anyone else reading you is making me feel tense and itchy.

But, at this point, I doubt you're gonna get any better and, frankly, I'm sick of looking at you. So -- off into the world you go! To flourish or die, as the slash gods see fit!

*presses 'Finish'*


Wait! No! Come back! I can fix you!

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Head's up! Any and all 'NSYNC/popslash/Kirkpatrick-lovin' folks out there who haven't yet checked out [ profile] picturesmcgee's last couple of art dumps should...y'know. Do that. Like, now.

Some truly amusing stuff. And if you're gonna try and tell me I'm biased, because our pairing preferences 'n likes 'n such line up in kind of an eerily perfect way, well, to that I say: "yeah, what of it?" While slowly slicing up an apple with a long ass carving knife. And making way too much unsmiling eye contact.

ETA: ...apparently I have a 'recs' tag? Since when?


Oh, right. Since that time I flipped my gourd and recced all the things. I remember. Ugh.
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So [ profile] zebraljb and I were talking about superhero AUs last week, and ever since I've been sorta subtly encouraging her to write a fic in which Justin Timberlake can shapeshift -- BUT ONLY INTO ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

Because...because obviously, right? Doesn't it totally fill a need? (Rhetorical. So rhetorical. I know that it does.)

She doesn't appear to be taking the bait, though. In fact, she seems vaguely horrified by the bait. *pouts for 5,000 years*
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1. This just may be my new favorite thing. *pouts* If only someone loved me enough to use my birthday as the jumping off point for a dystopian clown massacre...

2. Kimber and Stormer are totally an item! My inner seven year old is hopping up and down and shouting "I knew it!" Plus, whoever's in charge of the redesign has made Stormer pleasantly chunky and given Kimber a boss undercut and, really, I should not care so much about this, but you know what? I do. I do.

3. From the makers of my beloved Seven Minutes in Kevin, I present: Cages Through the Ages. Soon. Soon my topmost bedside drawer will be filled with dozens of lip glosses that I don't need and won't wear, all of them bearing the Nicolas Cage as an Unfriendly Puritan Matron label art and I will be content.

4. I think I'm a few weeks late to this party, and Lord knows the accompanying article is hella flawed (Seriously? Wattpad?), but -- look! Flesh Mechanic cover art! Of professional quality, even! Not too shabby, eh?*

5. I called my mom this afternoon and, as I've done every Good Friday since time immemorial, informed her that I was about to prepare a whole, rare, dripping Christmas ham and then eat it with my bare hands while listening to the Godspell soundtrack. And then I laughed my best Skeletor laugh while she sputtered "No! You can't!", sounding alarmingly like Edith Bunker, and...look, I know it's not that funny, but I don't have a lot of traditions, so I'm gonna keep on clinging to this one like it's a ham-shaped life raft -- at least for the time being.

*Also, I have to wonder if anyone asked the writers for permission. Really, it's all kinds of problematic, isn't it? Blerg.
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MtYG reveals were yesterday, which means I'm finally free to shake my fist at the heavens and howl the anguished howl of the sorry son of a bitch whose recipient is her beta. And not just my beta - she's also my major idea bouncer off-er and all-around headcanon twin. BLERG. (I know I'm not the only one who's been through this. Show yourselves, my brethren-in-pain! COME, COMMISERATE WITH ME.)

So...yeah. I drew the name of the graceful, swan-like [ profile] zebraljb and for her I produced this fine example of overwrought Bassez melodramaz, aka The Hippie and The Yuppie, aka Screw The Establishment: A Love Story. It's an idea fragment I've been kicking around forever, JC as one of those 'free hugs' guys you always see in Midtown, and one I'm sure I've blathered about many a time to many a person - but mostly to one person in particular. Ahem. And frankly, just the fact that the 20th came and went without any word from me should've been a dead giveaway that I was her author; but then, on Christmas Eve night, I received the most timidly-worded email of all time (", pardon me, miss, I hate to be a bother but...did you perchance write this Bassez AU?", etc.) and I rolled my eyes so hard that one of them actually got stuck up there. I had to reach into the socket with a plastic coffee stirrer and spin it back around. It was terrible. :)

The writing process, shockingly, was not the worst. Or, at the very least, this wasn't one of those times where you click 'submit' and then wake up the next morning with twenty-five incredible new ideas you'll never get to incorporate. (I hate those times.) I feel like my sex scenes were kind of bland, and about three days before the deadline, when it was far too late to do anything about it, I realized that the whole thing really should've been written from JC's POV instead of Lance's (a realization that set off my intermittent eye twitch) - but, mostly, I'm cool with the way it all came together. (Today. I'm cool today. Ask me again in six months.)

As for me, I think I made out pretty darn well. Santa brought me some tooth-decayingly sweet domestic!TrickC (with dogs! Sad, orphaned CHRISTMAS DOGS! And JC as a deceptively hot accountant!) AND one of his drunker elves decided, bizarrely, that it'd be a good idea to name a fictional baby after me (immortality = ACHIEVED!) which, before now, isn't something I ever really thought I wanted, but...then JC changed my infant namesake's diaper and crooned to her in a gentle, soothing manner and it occurred to me that yes, I really, really did.
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My Sesa-writing has a very specific soundtrack this year.*

Does this mean I can blame Chris if the fic bombs? Or should I cut out the middleman and blame Def Leppard instead?

* - Not a story clue! I repeat, not a story clue! I Chris. A lot. :)
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Here it is, folks -- the timestamp no one asked for!

A little background: I wrote this for the 'Tis the Season to be Steamy challenge over at [ profile] popsoundboard, the point of which is to write an X-rated "deleted scene" from one of your already existing MtYG fics. I went with my entry from 2011, If You Can't Stand the Heat (Stay Out of the Kitchen). For those of you who don't feel up to refreshing yourselves, here's the breakdown: it's a Trickyfish High School AU, lots of longing looks from across the Home Ec. classroom, garden variety teen angst... You're not missing much.

Wifely Duties )
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We've still got a few hours left before the 2012 MtYG reveal, so I thought I'd get a few recs in under the wire!

How I Met Your Father (Chris/JC)
There were plenty of awesome stories this year but this one was written for ME ME ME! Take a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested universe, throw in some kooky, offbeat love-at-first-sight antics, ramp up the hilarity about twenty notches and you get...well, I'm not sure, exactly; all I know is it involves AJ wearing a scarf made out of his own intestines and I love it! And best of all, it's something I never could've come up with on my own.

With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust and a Slap on the Butt (JC/Lance)
Oh my God, this story. It's to die for. Oh my God.

"On what planet are those pants deemed appropriate? And not just appropriate, but appropriate for national television?"

JC laughed, and then twirled around in a pirouette before striking a pose.

"On Planet Don't Dis My Bitch Pants if You Ever Want to Get in 'Em, Mister."

...that pretty much says it all, right there.

A Very Special Snowflake (JC/Justin)
I don't care what anyone says--this one's all about the TrickC love! Yes, that love is (sadly) platonic, but beggars can't be choosers. I'll take what I can get. Also, the banter here is some of the best I've read in, well, ever.

Welcome Home, You (Kevin/Brian, kinda)
Bittersweet and hurt-y with undertones of cousinly longing. Love it.

From the Ashes (Brian/AJ)
The sheer scope of this thing is totally amazing. One of those huge, sprawling, intimidating AUs that makes you feel like a hack for even trying to compete. (At least that's how it makes me feel. What can I say? Low self-esteem is a bitch.) Marvelously snarky AJ and the Brian voice is superb.

The Veil of Dreams (Chris/JC, Nick/Lance)
Chris and JC and unspoken yearnings and Nick, King of the Fairies! Seriously, this story deserves more reccage than I'm physically capable of giving.

Dueling Cowboys (Joey/JC)
A clever twist on this year's unofficial theme of "Superheroes, Superheroes and More Superheroes". No one in this fic has any powers, but nearly the whole thing takes place at a con--with Joey and Chris as rival comic book shop proprietors. And Lance dresses up as Nightcrawler!

Orange is the happiest color (Chris/Lance)
Perfection. If you can read this story without cackling then you're in the wrong fandom, buddy.

Man, this is the part I hate. I know, I just know, that the second I hit that "Post" button another half a dozen reccable stories will spring to mind. I really should have planned this out better. Or at all. Hope no one holds it against me--I swear it's the absentminded kind of neglect, not the cruel kind!
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Sigh. All good things must come to an end, I know, but now that [ profile] zebraljb has wrapped up her mermaid saga I'm feeling all jittery and discombobulated without my daily updates! Withdrawal is a bitch, yo.

Talk about inauspicious beginnings: one minute I'm bored and babbling about JC as a merperson and the next my rantings are being woven into a THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTER EPIC of torrid, ocean-y goodness. The mind, it boggles.

She even managed to include the shirtless crying(!), which pleases me greatly. And Adam Lambert cameos as a sassy prostitute with a chip on his shoulder, which, I mean--of course, why wouldn't he? That's just common sense right there.
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Still plodding along like a diligent little cart horse. A cart horse who...likes talking about slash. Because that's not a ridiculous metaphor or anything.

Day 23 - A crossover with a fandom you don't know/didn't know when you read the story

Octobers by [ profile] xoverau (Chris/Eminem)
Um, does Eminem count as a fandom? (Even though he's only one guy, I mean.)

I had heard of Eminem before I read this, obviously, but like everything else that doesn't really interest me I had always managed to sweep all knowledge of him to the periphery of my awareness. Homophobic lyrics, the Elton John duet--that's about all I knew. And while I still can't call myself a fan, exactly, I do credit this story with opening my eyes to the sometimes challenging but always intriguing World of Emslash.

After an unusual encounter in a public restroom, Chris and Em become deeply entrenched in each other's lives. I should warn you--this fic was also a major contender for the 'Story That Breaks Your Heart' category.

(the link will take you to Part One; all other parts can be found in the author's lj memories.)

Day 24 - a guilty pleasure

For me, fandom is a guilt-free zone. As far as I'm concerned, shame and crippling neuroses have their place--namely every single other aspect of my life. But popslash? Popslash is a Happy Place.

So yes, I may take a stonger interest in slavefics and hooker AUs than is generally considered PC, and I may have gotten the occasional illicit thrill from reading about Chris and JC peeing on each other (what? It was a good story!). And I do seem to recall enjoying a particularly questionable pirate epic in which Evil Captain Chris kidnaps Naive Schoolboy JC, who spends about two dozen chapters cowering in fear as he's passed from buccaneer to buccaneer. (He was a delicate little flower.) But I don't feel guilty about any of it. Nay, I am proud! (Unless my mother ever finds this entry, in which case I've never heard of fanfiction, homosexuality or the internet.)

Day 25 - a story that spawned an inside joke

Rules of Engagement by [ profile] zebraljb (Chris/Lance, JC/?)
Gave birth to a slew of JC/Steven Tyler jokes that are probably nowhere near as funny as I think they are.
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Yes, I'm well aware that it's March. And not Early March, either. *facepalm*

Whatever. Watch me as I nobly press onward! (This one got a bit long-winded.)

Day 22 - a new fic. Something posted within the last twelve months

A Walk in the Park by [ profile] nopseud (AJ/Lance)
I remember being surprised during this year's MtYG that this story didn't garner more attention--probably because none of the characters spontaneously grow breasts, I guess. Instead, what we get is a long, drawn out not-quite-courtship of the absolute best kind, full of romantic misunderstandings and will-they-or-won't-they-moments. And dog-walking. Lots of dog-walking.

I spent most of New Years Eve curled up on my couch in ratty pjs, reading this fic while just outside my window a phalanx of clumsy holiday drunks vomited into the gutter. I think I made the right choice staying in. :)

Cake by [ profile] pensnest (Chris/Joey)
An irrestible, heartwarming AU in which Chris and Joey bond over cake and you know Joey must be serious about Chris because he puts on a tie to impress him. A TIE!

Young Hearts Run Free by [ profile] zebraljb (Kevin/Joey)
Lara is such a trailblazer. :)

Honestly, I think I'd rec this even if it were terrible, just because it's JOEY/KEVIN CROSSDRESSING FIC!!! Fortunately it's NOT terrible; it's sweet and engaging and by the way, did I mention that this is a Joey/Kevin crossdressing fic? Because it is.

Incidentally, is there a name for this pairing? Jevin? Kevtone?

Once by [ profile] eponymous (Nick/Howie)
A lovely, bittersweet slice of pain that hurts in all the right ways. Howie is engaged and Nick isn't taking the news very well.

Man, oh man, willfully blind Nick and all the damage he does to himself...

Escondido by [ profile] strippedhalo (JC/Joey)
Joey and JC take a vacation and nothing goes as planned. From sunburns to ninja chihuahuas to epic bug freakouts, the whole thing is pretty much a disaster. But it doesn't matter! Because they love each other! All together now: AWW!

It Starts with a Milkshake, Birds and Snakes, an Amtrak Train and Lance Bass is Not Afraid by [ profile] llamabitchyo (Lance/JC)
Dairy Queen and bickering greek gods and a wonderfully awkward courtship--OMG, this story! I'm redifining 'incoherent' right now but I don't care! I love everything about it! I even love the vaguely Lynnecest-y ending!
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I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I wanna thank [ profile] mickeym for my virtual dragon! My profile page looks so cheerful now!

Day 20 - a pairing you didn't expect to enjoy, but did!

Alright, here's where I hook my thumbs under my imaginary suspenders and confess to y'all that I don't always cotton to the timbertrick. Wether it's the age difference, or the way-too-brotherly vibe I get from them, I don't know. Stop looking at me like that. I don't have to explain myself to you people.

Anyway, as with most things, there are several exceptions. Here, have a couple:

hitch by cimorene (Chris/Justin)
Because my love of long term pining and other, similar forms of sad-sackery knows no limits.

Father Time by [ profile] zebraljb (Chris/Justin)
I don't know what it is about this story! First of all, Chris owns a deli, which I adore. (My dad owned a deli and it brings me great joy to imagine him and Chris hanging out together, arguing over kosher regulations.) Second, it's technically a hooker AU--and I've never, ever met one of those I didn't like. :) What does it say about me that I'm so enthralled with Justin as a sad, damaged, underage prostitute? With AJ as his pimp--oh god, how wonderful is that?

Day 21 - Real World but with added weirdness...basically canon but with some otherworldly element, from body swapping to superpowers to telepathy--you get the gist.

Probably about half of all popslash falls under this category--it's a beautifully twisted fandom!--but in the interest of keeping it eclectic I'm gonna go with

Christmas Eve Groundhog Day by cappucino (Nick/Justin)
Nick is cursed to relive the same day over and over again, which may or may not have something to do with Justin and his out-of-the-blue love declaration. There are a few awkwardly placed Britishisms in this story but they aren't glaring and Nick's hilariously desperate attempts to cool Justin's ardor more than make up for them.

Quotidian by lesa soja (Chris/JC)
Another time loop scenario-- this time Chris and JC are both afflicted. With sexy results! I just wouldn't feel right if I weren't imposing at least a little Chris/JC on everyone. Besides, this is fabulous.
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Today was Ash Wednesday and it completely slipped my mind; I didn't remember til I passed a guy on the street with ashes on his face--and for a single, paralyzing moment, before I realized what I was looking at, I thought he'd taken a gunshot wound to the head. A major clue was that he was laughing and joking around with his friends, unlikely behavior for someone who'd recently been shot in the face. I'm guessing.

Less than five minutes later my mother called and screamed at me for not getting any ashes of my own even though she had no way of knowing that I hadn't; I'm taking this as proof, once and for all, that she has psychic powers. Or possibly that she's placed hidden cameras throughout my apartment, I don't know which. Frankly I don't want to know.

So to celebrate being a staggering disappointment in the eyes of both Jesus and the woman who bore me, I figured I might as well rec some more porn!

Day 19 - a series or collection of stories - an epic, a story with a sequel, a series of related vignettes - just something that's best read in more than one piece

The Porn Saga of Doom by Mickey M., halo, Without Me and Slim (Chris/Lance/JC)
This series calls itself 'more smut than you can shake a stick at', and if that isn't enough of an enticement for you, then I don't know, man. I just don't know.

[ profile] llamabitchyo's Disney Princess 'Verse (Joey/JC, Joey/JC/Kelly)
There's just so much to love about these stories! From Joey and Kelly as the most fabulously diabolical married couple EVER to a sweet, silly JC who wears Elvis-themed outfits and espouses the virtues of the Disney princesses, these are very, very good for the happy-making.
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Day 17 - a story that makes you laugh

The Android Nick Carter by jae (Chris/Nick-?)
I'm not even sure this qualifies as a Chris/Nick story, since it ISN'T Nick Carter that Chris is developing feelings for--it's a Shakespeare-reciting, Jane Austen-loving Android replica of Nick that Lance has commissioned for rather nefarious purposes.

Technicalities aside, this is a total riot.

Making the Band by cappucino and black coffee
Because while it's true that there are many popslash vampire stories floating around, only this one manages to convey the tragedy of a Justin Timberlake who's unable to admire his own reflection in the mirror.

Day 18 - a story that breaks your heart

Usually, if a story is powerful enough to make me cry it automatically gets added to my veeery long list of favorites, no questions asked. That's just how I roll. Good thing, too, because it means today's theme is an easy one for me.

Boxes by turps (Chris/JC, Lance/Justin)
The homeless AU; it could've been a disaster in less talented hands. My feelings for this story are complicated and messy and I won't bore everyone by rehashing them right now, but, suffice it to say, this is heartbreaking stuff. Even with the uplifting ending, it isn't something I can just reread at the drop of a hat--it requires mental preparation, breathing exercises, things like that.

I think, out of all the guys, Lance is the one who really kills me here--something about the way he doesn't complain, doesn't philosophize, just...sort of quietly adapts to his new situation. Tears. Buckets of them.

What You Wanted All Along by Helenish (JC/Joey)
This fic is pretty much Angst Central. Joey doesn't want to share JC--too bad he doesn't have much of a choice. Also, the other three guys are kind of awful and manipulative here and I know I shouldn't enjoy that so much, but I really, really do. :)

Spells by [ profile] circusgirl (multiple pairings)
Chris is in love with JC, JC is in love with Lance, Lance is in love with Justin and Justin is in love with himself. There's a LOT of pain in this story.
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Day 16 - a story someone wrote specifically for you

OK, here's where I get to brag about what a lucky little brat I am! Some terrific, sparkly folks have been so kind as to write me some terrific, sparkly stories, all within the last couple of months:

Return of the Sprinkles by [ profile] llamabitchyo
An epically silly booze-filled romp, that somehow crams cookie baking, butterfly metaphors and a beautifully zany rendering of my OTP into just 1200 words. This ficlet is like a master class in hilarity. I can't even think about it without smiling!

Cupid and the Christmas Elf by hurricanemegan
My MtYG story! How many real world AUs, I ask you, contain both a realistic portrayal of early twenties post-college malaise AND JC in a Cupid costume? Not too many, I bet.

Sound of the Sea by [ profile] zebraljb
Lara, friend to both boybanders and sea creatures alike, was generous enough to indulge my demented ramblings about JC as a merperson by writing this gem. If you like love triangles, shipwrecks, Adam Lambert cameos or the phrase "psychotic sea wizard", then this is the fic for you! I know that a lot of you have anti-WIP policies, but c'mon people! Shirtless, pensive JC! Guh.

I just realized that ALL of these are TrickC--I'm pidgeonholing myself and I don't even care!
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Day 13 - a fantasy AU

Temperance by [ profile] nopseud (Justin/Nick, Brian/Howie, JC/Lance)
I almost opted out of reccing this one altogether, I was so scared my description wouldn't do it justice. I mean, what else is there to say about a gritty, post-apocalyptic vampire AU with Western flourishes? And ostriches? And Brian running a fancy tea shoppe? And Nick and Justin rolling around in a pile of hay, and oh good lord do I love this story.

Actually, I think the most remarkable thing about it is that it's told with such restraint. Any backstory we, as readers, are given is doled out purely on a need-to-know basis and I love that, love reading something and getting a sense that the author knows so much more than he/she is telling us.

It has two sequels: Providence and Honesty.

Day 14 - a wonderful kiss

Kiss by Synchronik (Joey/Lance)
More like several dozen wonderful kisses, but I still think it fits the bill. :)

So, the guys have this pre-show ritual, and...just read it, OK? This is the ultimate in jola goodness, with a wonderful, ardent Joey.

Through Glass by maggie (Chris/JC)
I could make some horrible joke about giraffe placenta right here, but I won't. Really, this is just a short, lovely piece about JC's fascination with the miracle of childbirth and Chris' fascination with JC's mouth.

Day 15 - a songfic

Beautiful by tnl (Joey/JC)
A sweet, evocative Real World AU based on a Sondheim song that's about finding beauty in unexpected places. Joey thinks JC is the most elegant person he's ever seen, even though JC's the kind of guy who wears Birkenstocks in the middle of a Manhattan winter.

As a bonus, I have totally eaten at the Pret A Manger where Joey first meets Justin. Many, many times. :)
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This is my (slightly late) submission for the Anti-Valentine's Day fic challenge over at the popsoundboard lj. Special thanks to Lara, for convincing me not to set my laptop on fire and run screaming through the streets of Queens.

Happiness is a Thing Called Joe )
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Falling behind? Who, me?

Day 10 - a great original character

Rusty by Helenish (JC/OMC, JC/Justin)
This wasn't the easiest of categories; even the most entertaining Original Character isn't too likely to steal focus from the sparkly boys. In the end I chose this story, in which JC dates the most unJustin-like guy imaginable, and Justin is not a happy camper.

Day 11 - really hot sex!

From the Path by Lily (Chris/JC)
Among the truckload of reasons I love this story is the nipple ring scene (if you've read it then you KNOW the one I'm talking about!) which may be one of the sexiest things I've ever read. I cannot stress that statement enough. Yes.

Day 12 - rare pairing

Hot in the City by [ profile] mickeym (JC/Ricky Martin)
JC/Ricky Martin may not be as jarring a pairing as, say, Lance Bass/Ian McKellen(!), but it certainly wasn't one that would've occurred to me on my own. And best of all, it totally works!
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Day 9 - threesomes or moresomes!

There's been a lot of discussion amongst us reccers regarding Day Nine. The general consensus seems to be that stories like this require plot and context to help them transcend the ranks of Mere Sparkly Porn. And yet...while I agree with all that (and I do! I'm all about the context, I swear!), I never claimed to be a saint, so

Normally Kinky by [ profile] quiet1fic (nsync GSF)
Yup, it's gonna be THAT kinda list. Seriously though, while this story may be wildly porntastic it's also a striking portrayal of group dynamics at play. I have a soft spot for this Justin, uncomfortably reticent and unsure of his place in his own band.

Team Spirit: pulling together by Lily
Is most of this story a flimsy pretext for lots and lots of group sex in a communal shower? Quite possibly. Do I care? Not when the result is a fun and inventive summer camp AU featuring Justin as a perky male cheerleader and Lance as a wonderfully sullen goth kid (with eyeliner!).

No Place Else by Rhys (Chris/Lance/JC)
Not even halfway through the month and I'm already failing myself. I've been trying my hardest not to rec the same author more than once, but I may have to rethink that policy. Chris and Lance are dating, and Lance decides that JC is going to be part of their relationship wether he likes it or not. I love the way Chris and JC both chafe against their designated roles, that they don't fall into the situation naturally and that they retain their prickly uncertainty even while Lance, as ever, remains smooth and confident about the whole thing.

The Royal We by Tiffany Rawlins (nsync GSF)
More like an increasingly twisted character study than anything else. The guys take turns fantasizing about each other. This is gorgeously written.

And while we're on this topic, the fabulous [ profile] mickeym has recently decided to torture me by mentioning she's got a partially completed Chris/JC/Chris time travel story in her WIP files. It's likely that if this thing ever came to fruition it would melt my face off just by sheer dint of its' existence. Maybe a large-scale mass poking is in order?


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