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I stayed the hell out of Midtown today, 'cos I knew there was no way I could handle a crowd that size in my current delicate-as-a-daisy headspace. So, unfortunately, that means my big contribution to Pride this year was eating a rainbow sherbet popsicle and watching the film version of Rent (that I DVRed off of Logo the other day for...reasons?) But! I sat through every single commercial break! I didn't even fast-forward through Rosario Dawson's solos! I did it right.

For Pride!
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Gah! To stalk or not to stalk? ETHICAL DILEMMAS, YO.

Lance has, perhaps unwisely, posted photos of the view from his apartment window and, omg, I'm pretty sure I can use them to pinpoint exactly where he lives. (By the looks of it, dude's got a place right in the heart of Rockefeller Center. What the hell? I truly thought, before today, that no actual humans lived in that area - just, like, spunky heroines in sitcoms about New York.)

I'm not saying I'm gonna use this information for evil. I'm just...saying.
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Gasp! Hamilton's instituting a ten dollar ticket lottery for all B'way performances!

This is very, very, very good news. Even if I do foresee a long, hot August chock full of semi-tedious ass-on-curb action. (Being broke is serious business, y'all. It requires STRATEGERY.)
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Overheard on the C train: a rather portly, balding Orthodox gentleman complaining loudly to his friend about his YARMULKE TAN LINES.

...I really, really hope he didn't realize I was laughing at him. Although--I was shaking so hard the only other possible conjecture is that I was having some kind of seizure and if that's really what he thought, then (since he didn't offer to call for help or anything) in my book that makes HIM the rude one, not me. Totally. Because there's no better logic than the self-serving kind. /end digression

So. Into the Woods at the Delacorte was a cornucopia of strange directing choices. Chief among these was the decision to ratchet up (WAY up) the lesbian overtones in the Witch's relationship with Rapunzel--WITHOUT downplaying any of the mother/daughter stuff. Slightly icky? Why yes, yes it was. Thanks so much for asking. :) On the other hand, a change that didn't bother me as much as it probably should've was the decision to make the Narrator a little boy. Sure, it raised a helluva lot more questions than it answered--like, isn't the storyline a little too sophisticated to be taking place entirely in the mind of a ten year old?--but it was kinda charming, actually. As for Rapunzel's twin babies...well, I'm not sure I could explain that one away if my life depended on it.

Overall, though, I had a fantastic time. I do like me a good spectacle after all, and it's pretty hard to ruin Sondheim. Yeah, I *could* harp on certain problems, like various performers not being up to the task singing-wise, but since I'm trying this new thing lately where I DON'T act like a crusty snob all the time, I won't. Instead I'll just rave about Donna Murphy, whose rendition of "The Last Midnight" was the best one I've ever sat through. THE. BEST. A glittering slow build of a nervous breakdown, full of vocal pyrotechnics AND MAGIC. Awesome.

Besides, seeing a show in the Park is an experience unto itself. At one point a raccoon waddled up onto the stage and disappeared behind some rigging, earning itself a wild round of applause and confirming my suspicions that ALL New Yorkers are out of their damn minds. (You'd think I'd've figured that out by now; I guess I'm just a slow learner.)
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The trusty ol' vibrator cart rolled into town today, spreading its cheer and goodwill like, well, like a hot dog cart that dispenses free vibrators. (I'm sorry, but if there's anything that can kill a good metaphor, it's a free vibrator.)

Don't believe me? Behold the awesomeness: streets/ (Just ignore the douchecanoe ranting about 'Sodom and Gomorrah' in the comments.)

ETA: Apparently there was some legal snafu which the mayor's office has now cleared up, in a rare show of initiative. Looks like Mayor Bloomberg really, really wants us all to masturbate. :)


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