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MtYG reveals were yesterday, which means I'm finally free to shake my fist at the heavens and howl the anguished howl of the sorry son of a bitch whose recipient is her beta. And not just my beta - she's also my major idea bouncer off-er and all-around headcanon twin. BLERG. (I know I'm not the only one who's been through this. Show yourselves, my brethren-in-pain! COME, COMMISERATE WITH ME.)

So...yeah. I drew the name of the graceful, swan-like [ profile] zebraljb and for her I produced this fine example of overwrought Bassez melodramaz, aka The Hippie and The Yuppie, aka Screw The Establishment: A Love Story. It's an idea fragment I've been kicking around forever, JC as one of those 'free hugs' guys you always see in Midtown, and one I'm sure I've blathered about many a time to many a person - but mostly to one person in particular. Ahem. And frankly, just the fact that the 20th came and went without any word from me should've been a dead giveaway that I was her author; but then, on Christmas Eve night, I received the most timidly-worded email of all time (", pardon me, miss, I hate to be a bother but...did you perchance write this Bassez AU?", etc.) and I rolled my eyes so hard that one of them actually got stuck up there. I had to reach into the socket with a plastic coffee stirrer and spin it back around. It was terrible. :)

The writing process, shockingly, was not the worst. Or, at the very least, this wasn't one of those times where you click 'submit' and then wake up the next morning with twenty-five incredible new ideas you'll never get to incorporate. (I hate those times.) I feel like my sex scenes were kind of bland, and about three days before the deadline, when it was far too late to do anything about it, I realized that the whole thing really should've been written from JC's POV instead of Lance's (a realization that set off my intermittent eye twitch) - but, mostly, I'm cool with the way it all came together. (Today. I'm cool today. Ask me again in six months.)

As for me, I think I made out pretty darn well. Santa brought me some tooth-decayingly sweet domestic!TrickC (with dogs! Sad, orphaned CHRISTMAS DOGS! And JC as a deceptively hot accountant!) AND one of his drunker elves decided, bizarrely, that it'd be a good idea to name a fictional baby after me (immortality = ACHIEVED!) which, before now, isn't something I ever really thought I wanted, but...then JC changed my infant namesake's diaper and crooned to her in a gentle, soothing manner and it occurred to me that yes, I really, really did.
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Here it is, folks -- the timestamp no one asked for!

A little background: I wrote this for the 'Tis the Season to be Steamy challenge over at [ profile] popsoundboard, the point of which is to write an X-rated "deleted scene" from one of your already existing MtYG fics. I went with my entry from 2011, If You Can't Stand the Heat (Stay Out of the Kitchen). For those of you who don't feel up to refreshing yourselves, here's the breakdown: it's a Trickyfish High School AU, lots of longing looks from across the Home Ec. classroom, garden variety teen angst... You're not missing much.

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This is my (slightly late) submission for the Anti-Valentine's Day fic challenge over at the popsoundboard lj. Special thanks to Lara, for convincing me not to set my laptop on fire and run screaming through the streets of Queens.

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