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So, since the late summer blahs are far too real a thing, and also since I'm apparently so suggestible I can even be swayed by my own ramblings, I've been rewatching Sense8. And it's just as good as it was last year, no complaints there, but here's a thought that somehow did not occur to me last year: as with everything else that is true and pure and beautiful in this world, popslash did it first.

Just sayin'. :)
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So [ profile] zebraljb and I were talking about superhero AUs last week, and ever since I've been sorta subtly encouraging her to write a fic in which Justin Timberlake can shapeshift -- BUT ONLY INTO ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

Because...because obviously, right? Doesn't it totally fill a need? (Rhetorical. So rhetorical. I know that it does.)

She doesn't appear to be taking the bait, though. In fact, she seems vaguely horrified by the bait. *pouts for 5,000 years*
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I just learned that the show Teen Wolf actually has female characters. Like, a lot of them. Mind = blown. Even more shockingly, it turns out that the protagonist is neither The Brooding One nor The Endearingly Gawky One (because if I don't use their names I can still pretend I'm Above It All! It's a distancing technique! HUMOR ME. I beg you); instead, it's some standard issue, letterman jacket clad Everyboy-type who I had never set eyes on until about an hour ago, and I can tell just by looking at this kid that he's positively bursting with standard teen angst and standard hetero yearnings and YAWN. Totally not what I was expecting. Stupid, misleading fan porn.

None of these things are dealbreakers, mind you. I'm sure I'll still cave and jump on the bandwagon. Um, eventually. I just resent being lied to by my dearest and most trusted compadre, the internet. Where's the bastion of sweaty, slashy boy touching I was promised? Why, internet? Why?!

In other TV-related goings-on, I've been watching reruns of - shudder - Seventh Heaven. Possibly because I hate myself. The rage, good God. Good God, the rage. I HAD FORGOTTEN. If this model of righteous, late '90s craptacularity has taught me anything, it's that I'm far too delicate for Hate Watching; all this angry fist-clenching cannot be good for my bones. At this point I think I'm just sticking it out 'til they cycle back around to the episode where Lance guest stars as Blandy McProtestant, just one in a wide pool of assembly line Richie Cunninghams clamoring to get their lily white hands on the Reverend's lipless, gremlin-faced middle daughter. Featuring a makeout scene so awkward the most hardened of fangirls must avert her eyes! 'Cos I think we all know that once I get that sucker on my DVR? I won't be parting with it for a good long while. No siree.
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You guys? I'm pretty sure Miley Cyrus is a harbinger of doom. No, really, the second she came sauntering downstage with that giant foam finger we should've known this whole VMAs thing was seriously ill-omened. It did not bode well for the rest of the evening.

Alright. Must. Employ. Yoga breathing. I'm doing my best to wave away aaaaall the pessimism, here, 'cos if I don't focus on the positives I'm liable to cut someone. In no particular order:

1. I've been hoarse all day from screaming "JAYYYCEEEE!!!" at the TV in my best Stanley Kowalski voice. Painful, yes, but I don't mind. It's a solid, tangible reminder that my boy's still got it! As if there were ever any doubt.

2. Seeing all the popslash fen, past and present, coming out of the woodwork for this, all amped up and eager? Warmed the cockles of my heart. Really. The cockles.

Sparkly solidarity: it's important, yo.

3. Last night, less than twelve miles from my apartment, Chris Kirkpatrick put his arm around JC Chasez and posed for a picture. That is all.

4. I feel like I'm maybe - possibly? - ramping up into a headspace that'll allow me to write again. I know. I know. (Maybe I'll finally take a serious crack at that "Mail-Order Bride JC" AU I'm been yammering about to [ profile] zebraljb for, oh, the last 67 months or so.) I still have plenty of NSYNC stories left in me, regardless of time passed, and I'm even comfortable with the fact that there's a very good chance only a half a dozen people will ever read them, so. We'll see. :)
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I take it back. I take it ALL back.

T-minus two hours and RAINBOWS. ARE EXPLODING. OUT OF MY EYES. And ricocheting off the walls of my tiny apartment. Oh, it is ON, people.

It's times like this I wish I were a bigger drinker.
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Yesterday I told Lara that it feels like my shriveled, desiccated heart might actually be starting to believe again, and you know what? I think it's true. It's not exactly a "rainbows exploding out of my eyes" sort of mindset, but. It's something. It feels...odd. A little itchy in places. But kinda great, too.

So it seems my will-they-or-won't-they reunion-based anxiety is manifesting itself in all sorts of fun and quirky ways. Last night I dreamed that Lance was a serial murderer who the papers had dubbed "The Leprechaun Killer", because he was in the habit of leaving a bejeweled shamrock (?????) at the scene of every crime. I was the grizzled, Eastwood-esque veteran cop charged with hunting him down. I was a loose cannon with a chip on my shoulder and nothing to lose! (Because, y'know, obviously.) Just before I woke up he and I were sharing a banana split at one of those old-timey faux-1950s malt shoppes and he was telling me how much he was looking forward to prison.

Frankly, I'm a little impressed that my unconscious mind invented something so coherent. That's the real news here, I think.
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Briefly, as I just completed a harrowing late night yam run and am exhausted:

-A very happy birthday to my dear [ profile] zebraljb! How I long for the day when you will lounge upon my couch, reading aloud from the smutty Lancestravaganza...that I have yet to write. Huh. Better get on that. (And I guess I should start saving up for a nicer couch while I'm at it. One that doesn't vomit bright orange stuffing all over my floor, perhaps?)

-I dreamed that Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass and I were all childhood friends who decided to join the army together. At one point I stood up and serenaded my fellow privates with Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me". (Because OF COURSE I did.) Justin, to his credit, bopped his little head politely, but Lance didn't look too impressed. Jerk.

-If there ever was proof that I'm a huge, unrepentant dork it is this: when the cashier at the Korean market rang up my purchases just now, the total came to $19.37. "1937!", I chirped, grinning like a chipper idiot. "That's the year the Hindenburg went down!" ...yeah. The look she leveled at me can only be described as one of pure hatred--with a little boredom tossed in for good measure. I slunk away to the tune of a sad, sad trombone.

Anyway. :) To all those who celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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I was never much for Cameron Bashing--and now that she and Justin are over it seems especially pointless--but when I saw this I just couldn't help myself, man; it was like someone opened the floodgates on all my snark. Yikes. Does she really think squatting in leather shorts and pointing to her boobs is the best way to remind the world she still exists?

Oh, and all I can say is thank jeebus JC wasn't left off of this list--otherwise I might've been forced to go down to their corporate offices and crack some skulls. I know some would call that an overreaction, but to those people I say nope. Not at all. Not when JC's "gorgeous smooth tenor" is in danger of being overlooked. :)

(Also, I could have lived a long, happy life without seeing video evidence of Keri Russell's rapping skills. And couldn't they have found a better photo of Tony? Like maybe one of the many, many dozen in which he's snuggling up to JC? Uh, just saying.)
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BSB on GMA: some stray observations

--Make no mistake, Kevin knows EXACTLY how much he's been missed. Cocky bastard. :)

--Lots and lots of preteens/teens in attendance, many of them with very bored-looking parents in tow. Not gonna lie, that surprised me a bit. I ended up befriending a high school-aged girl who was awed/fascinated/enthralled to find out I was both alive and sentient during the TRL years. Ugh. I know, I know--I'm a dinosaur. Don't remind me.

--I scoured the footage, a couple of times, and I'm almost positive I don't show up on camera at any point. I'm thinking this is for the best. My OMG face is none too pretty a sight and does not need to be preserved for posterity.

--Howie kept flashing Kevin these tiny, secretive smiles while the band was tuning up. I melted. :)

--AJ and Brian were color-coordinated! Yay! In, um, yellow-ish brown and black. Yay?

--Kevin was in fine, fine spirits during the soundcheck, goofing around and making fun of Nick's jacket ("Who the hell wears a leather jacket in the summer?", et cetera). At one point he pretended his sciatica was acting up and started fake-limping; it was kind of adorable. (Terrible Fanfic Idea #367: Kevin fakes a back injury so he can get some time off. Meanwhile, everyone else feels guilty for letting him push himself too hard. Cue angsting! And Nick dressing up like a slutty nurse! And also more angsting!)

--The levels of screaming after the line "Am I sexual?"? DEAFENING, YO.

--The award for my favorite fellow fan goes to the guy with the deep, sonorous baritone who kept moaning "HOWIE...HOWIE..." in between rapid fire bouts of Spanish that I could not decipher. At one point he actually started SOBBING, poor thing.

--As for me, I don't know, man. I just. I kept on bursting into laughter. Not AT them, god no; it was more like a spontaneous outpouring of euphoria, totally outside my control. Because Kevin! (...I hope no one thought I was having a nervous breakdown or anything.)

--My vantage point wasn't the greatest, but when Nick and AJ jumped off the stage during "Larger Than Life" I could've sworn Nick momentarily started humping the audience divider thingy, which, if I'm right, is just. Yes.

So...of course I was super late to work after all this. And, of course, I had to endure my coworkers smiling creepily at me all afternoon, since I guess they somehow managed to figure out where I had been. OF COURSE.


Jul. 18th, 2012 06:06 pm
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So the question of the day is:

Am I going to be one of those screeching, hyperventilating lunatics lining up in Central Park at 4am on August 31st (which, incidentally, would've been my parents 38th wedding anniversary)? Am I really that shameless?

(Wait--on second thought, don't answer that.)


Jul. 16th, 2012 06:29 pm
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It's only Monday and I am already weary of the human race. (I'm usually able to stave off those kinds of feeling til around Wednesday or Thursday. Sometimes Friday, if I've eaten a lot of sugar that week.)

So when I got home this afternoon the lobby of my apartment building was swarming with cops. Turns out someone broke past security last night and spraypainted swastikas all over the laundry room and inside the elevator. Nice, right? The building manager assured me that they'll be installing new cameras and floodlights and whatever--as they should, I guess. It's a fine solution, perfectly reasonable, it just doesn't really strike at the heart of the matter for me, which is--WHAT THE HELL? It's 2012--can't people just get with the program already?! Why all the ugliness? GAH.

I just--I can't.

To give you all some idea of where I am emotionally these days, I almost punched a 250 year old woman at the farmer's market yesterday. She was yammering on and on about how they shouldn't accept EBT cards as payment because "this isn't THAT kind of neighborhood", and what can I say? That sort of garbage has always been a sore spot with me. (Yeah, my town IS considered one of the schmancier parts of Queens, but let's face it--it's still QUEENS. Believe me, I have no illusions about my chosen borough.) It was one of those moments where you're hoping a couple of huge, burly guys will materialize out of nowhere and hold you back, and then you look around, see that THAT isn't going to happen, and realize you're gonna have to *gulp* behave LIKE AN ADULT. So no, I did NOT attack a woman who was clearly a holdover from the Van Buren administration; instead I just muttered something bitchily passive aggressive about elitism, which probably came out pretty garbled since my face was contorted with icy cold rage.

I think there's a chance I may have an anger problem.

But on the upside:

-my fire escape tomatoes are doing amazingly well! Sugar Lumps, Lemon Drops and Cherokee Purples...I admit I only chose those varieties because I thought their names were cute. I'm terribly shallow. (I think I'll use the Lemon Drops to make a giant vat of yellow tomato sauce, something I've been fantasizing about doing for a couple of years now. Shallow AND dorky, that's me!)

-my fluffiest cat has recently started crawling into my lap whenever he gets tired. It only took him FIVE YEARS, the little jerk. O_O

-I've got a new chapter of [ profile] zebraljb's latest awaiting me! The promise of AJ and Lance snarking at each other whilst shirtless is, well, promising. :) Very.

-fic rec: This Colder Air by annakovsky and kyra (The Office, gen). The LAST thing I expected to get all wrapped up in was a (mostly) pairing-less, post-apocalyptic AU of a TV show I lost interest in three years ago, but I'll be damned if this isn't brilliant; it's survivalist porn at its finest. (Apparently there's an even longer prequel, but it's Ryan/Jim and I'd be lying my ass off if I said I was capable of wrapping my mind around THAT particular pairing. Still, I figure I'll give it a go; after all, people DO act irrationally during apocalypses...right?)
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- I can think of at least two dozen reasons NOT to buy this dress, but they all wither and die in the face of TYPEWRITING SQUIRRELS! Obviously--obviously--I need this in my life, right? Right. I'm amazed I've lived without it this long, quite frankly.

- Into The Woods is playing at Shakespeare in the Park this summer, causing my Sondheim-loving little heart to do cartwheels of joy! I'm a little skeptical about Amy Adams being cast as The Baker's Wife, but you can still bet that when I found out about this I templed my fingers and said "Eeeeexcellent" in a most Mr. Burns-ian fashion. :)

- Reading everyone else's NKOTBSB concert re-caps! I'm still a bit bitter that I couldn't swing it myself this year, financially speaking--but secondhand squee is far, far better than none at all! (And that video of Nick Carter motorboating some girl? I died.)

- Game Of Thrones continues to knock my socks off...even though I usually end up watching about 90% of it through the spaces between my fingers./squeamish

- My mother's reaction to the whole John-Travolta-fondling-himself-in-front-of-hotel-masseurs scandal: "But--but he CAN'T be gay; he's ITALIAN!!!" Priceless.

- I found out yesterday that I am not the only person in my workplace who recoils in horror at the sight of that eyeless, Sopranos-esque talking lemon from the McDonald's commercials. (I'm pretty sure his official purpose is to make us want a strawberry lemonade? Or possibly to haunt our nightmares like a lemony specter of wrongness. One of the two.) It's always nice to know you aren't alone. :)

- And last but CERTAINLY not least: I met [ profile] zebraljb! She's awesome, face-meltingly funny and, best of all, she didn't make fun of the lopsided farmer's tan I got from milling up and down 8th Ave all afternoon. AND she brought me souvenirs from Hershey Park(!). (Oh, and we, um, may have partially written a Real World AU in which JC and Lynn Harless co-manage an erotic bakery, so. Yeah.) All in all, not a bad time.
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44 Reasons Why Chris Kirkpatrick Is The Most Underrated Boyband Member Of All Time

This thing barely scratches the surface, but still. So true, y'all. So true.

I heart that man.
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This article dares to ask what I feel is one of the most pertinent and chronically underasked questions in all of Harry Potter-dom:

if the Weasley twins had the Marauder's Map in their possession for *years* before they gave it to Harry, didn't they find it, oh, I don't know, STRANGE that their preteen brother was crawling into bed with some man named Peter night after night after night?

I mean, REALLY. Forget about the elder wand and the hallows and whatever other mysteries you're still hung up on after all these years--I need to know why more people don't care about this!!!


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