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Thanks to everyone who commented and/or sent messages after my last post. You guys! *cries a single, crystalline tear of pure gratitude* Awkward, one-armed bro hugs for all!

Still an emotional tire fire over here, albeit one who has every intention of putting a lid on the cat-related wangsting...uh, in, like, five minutes -- just as soon as I pose a question, if that's cool? Cool.

So, to everyone who has/has had just one cat -- no more, no less: does that work, exactly? What are the chances of him keeling over from loneliness while I'm at work? Is that anywhere within the realm of possibility? 'Cos every morning, right as I'm reaching for the doorknob, he materializes out of nowhere and hits me with a pissy look of muted hatred, as if to say "how dare you leave me alone all day! You are a shitsack of the highest order." Which -- am I? Am I a shitsack of the highest order??

Or am I creating problems out of thin air? Wouldn't be the first time.

I only ask because I'm truly, truly out of my depth on this one. I'm down to single cat status and I only just realized that I haven't owned less than two cats since I was something like eight years old. We're through the looking glass here, people. (Just for reference: the cat in question is named Hugo. Hugo Alexander. He's nine, perfectly healthy and a bossy, puffy-tailed rat monster. Very alpha. His interests include swaggering, machismo and biting my calves while I'm sitting on the toilet.)


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