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Nov. 9th, 2016 06:21 am
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On the bright side...??

Watching Rachel Maddow go off on live TV last night was kind of exhilarating, even if I could only just hear her over my own hellish wailing.

AJ Mclean (and wife) sent out a couple of highly devastated tweets and, as stupid as this sounds, they kinda took a load off my mind. The Littrells are all confirmed Trumpists, and as such, are clearly dead to me, but I didn't wanna have to write off BSB as a whole.

My dearest Mickeym, being far more thoughtful and clear-headed than I, just shared numbers for both Crisis Chat and the USA National Suicide Prevention Hotline, so I thought I'd just direct everyone on over there. I know people are feeling pretty bleak right now.

I love you all. I really do mean that; my flist isn't the longest, but I promise, there's not a single one of you I wouldn't let feel me up behind the gymnasium on prom night. Or any night. *hugs*
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Just popping my head up out of Box City like a boyband-loving gopher to briefly draw attention to the fact that AJ was in Vegas last weekend and the thing happened! That's right, like Lance Bass before him, he went to see Britney's show, got pulled up on stage, harnessed, and was forced to do the thing! The thing!!

Also, if Aaron Carter's twitter can be believed, he officially endorsed Donald Trump, renounced him (I think?? I'm not too clear, to be honest), and watched The Revenant, all in a span of about six hours this past Saturday -- but, oh God, please don't make me go back through his timeline to find the relevant links. I don't think I can do it. I'm not strong enough. All I'm fit for right now is sitting here and fantasizing about The Thing.
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This is no mere coincidence. Kevin Richardson and Nick Carter, in their infinite wisdom, somehow knew I was going through a jagged patch and decided that some mock-sexy fondue buffoonery (fondoonery? :) would be just the thing to make me smile again. Which it did.

That's the only explanation that makes sense and the only one I'll accept.


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