Jul. 24th, 2016

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But c'mon, it's not like I wasn't gonna brag about it at all. You see Hamilton, you go home, you pass out face first into a bowl of late night cereal, and then the next day, you brag. It's a thing, a template, one I've been watching everyone else follow for months now and dammit, it's my turn.

So, yes. Hamilton. Actually, wait, no -- I'm getting ahead of myself. See, the magical and magnanimous [livejournal.com profile] sperrywink had a ticket she couldn't use, and I guess my constant, low grade whinging about the subway system reminded her that, hey! I live here! (Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there: always be complaining! The squeaky wheel, et cetera! I know what I'm talking about!) So she asked me if I wanted it and, because I am not in fact a drooling moron, I said yes. And I was trying so hard to keep my high-pitched nonsense in check and not accidentally slap anyone in the face with my wildly flapping hands, but when I met up with her (adorable, Oz-literate!) friends, one thing I couldn't resist doing was asking whether they'd been tempted to scalp the extra ticket rather than handing it over to some random fan they'd never even met. And they...looked at me like I was an idiot? Which FLOORED me 'cos, for real, I can say with the utmost confidence that 94.7% of the people I know in my day-to-day life would've, in the very same situation, happily pulled on their scalpin' boots.

So obviously all of this ninja-kicked me into a place of Serious Ponderings, ponderings I will elaborate on...hmm...NOW:

Theory: Fandom peeps are just plain better than regular peeps. They're kinder, lovelier, less all-around sleazy and should probably be running the world.*

Evidence: Uh... *flings arms wide open and does a bunch of Fraulein Maria spins*

Confirmed? Confirmed.

I'll be presenting my findings to a reputable scientific journal within the fortnight. *clears throat, shuffles papers, adjusts spectacles*

* * *

As for the show itself, I honestly don't know if I have anything all that valuable to say! There's a reason I'm not a professional arts critic; I'm only articulate when I hate something. You people are lucky this isn't just three to five paragraphs of exclamation points and smiley faces.

But, maybe some scattered impressions? I can do that. I can definitely pull off 'scattered'. :) Well, first of all, I thought Javilton was pretty excellent, and I agree with everything I'd already heard about him going in (basically that he's slightly less charismatic than Lin, but a much better singer.) The new Burr is intense, yo, and the guy they've got playing Lafayette/Jefferson is great, but so much shorter than Daveed Diggs I spent most of Act II terrified he was gonna trip on the hem of that long purple jacket (no, really, I don't think it's been tailored to fit him yet! Someone needs to get on that, like, yesterday.)

Gah, I used to be such a snob about seeing shows with their OBCs, I'm clawing at my face in embarrassment just thinking about it. It's amazing what time and maturity and years upon years of a ramen-for-dinner lifestyle will do to you.

Let's see, what else? Staging: A+. Choreography: tight, but also kind of shockingly inventive? So much so that I have decided to officially cease my grumbling about how Savion Glover clearly deserved the Tony for Shuffle Along. I don't love the man any less than I did three days ago, it's just -- it's a complicated issue, okay??

There really is something to be said about seeing a live show when you already know almost all the songs by heart; it gives the whole experience kind of a rock concert-like vibe. It's true of Sondheim and it's true of LMM. Back in September when the cast recording first came out, I remember I spent about two solid weeks telling myself "no. No, you're not gonna listen to it ahead of time, because that way, when you finally manage to see the damn thing, it'll be with virgin ears and a virgin heart and -- and because PURITY." Wasn't I cute ten months ago?

Oh, and lastly, while I knew I'd be leaving that building with a crush on someone, I could not have predicted it'd be on Oak. But he's just so...energetic. :)

*A slash-ocracy -- that's what I propose! I bet a lot more people would be excited about Hillary if she'd shut up about hot sauce and just start quietly filling up her cabinet with rpf writers. I'M NOT WRONG ABOUT THIS.


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