Apr. 1st, 2016

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I think I may have accidentally moved into Melrose Place.

I dunno, all I know is I was taking out the trash at around six a.m. a few mornings ago when a woman wearing just a towel came out of apartment 3H (I'm 3F), zoomed across the hall and into 3G, and deadbolted the door behind her. She stopped when she saw me, just for a second, and the look in her eyes was way more "deer in the headlights" than "no big deal, just using the neighbor's shower 'cos mine's busted, fiddle dee dee!" -- or whatever.

And now I feel kinda bad, like she's sitting around, wringing her hands and worrying that I'm calling her a hoe behind her back, when, if anything, my stance on hoe-age is firmly pro! Except it's not like I can just knock on her door and tell her that, 'cos I don't even know which one of those apartments she actually lives in. If either. (And even if I did, just -- no.)

One thing I do know, though, for real and for true, is that my new street is about 45% pilots and flight attendants. I mean, it definitely took me a good two, two and a half weeks to notice this, such are my lazy observational skills, but it finally got to the point where even I couldn't ignore all the neckerchiefs and roll-y suitcases anymore. There's a lot of 'em, is what I'm saying. And I guess it makes sense; the express bus to LaGuardia stops right down the block, in front of the all night diner. Convenience, etc.

I got to talking with a couple of stewardesses in the laundry room yesterday, and...I think they may have mistaken me for one of them? I've decided to be flattered that I apparently look like someone who can stand and smile and act reasonable and friendly for twelve-to-sixteen hour stretches. Mostly because I know I really, really couldn't.

Let's see, what else? Hm. Oh! I just started Book Three in the Captive Prince series and I'm feeling increasingly certain that the flailing and the hand-flapping will soon be upon me. It's a-comin'. I can sense these things. I'll be sure to check back in and let you all know if my high-pitched noises ended up attracting any feral neighborhood dogs.


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