Feb. 8th, 2016

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OK, so here's a sentence that, at first glance, just looks like a bunch of random words thrown together on the page:

Some guy pointed a gun at my mother's head today while she was...at the Medicare office?

But it's true. It's true and it happened and OH MY GOD. She'd just gone back out into the waiting area after her appointment, was pulling on her coat, when a dude walked in -- possibly upset about his benefits? I have no idea -- pulled a gun out of his jacket and waved it around a little. Then he looked straight at her and said "get outta here, lady, this has nothing to do with you", and...she did. She jetted. She ran like a gazelle. Knee problems? What knee problems?

The whole interaction lasted maybe seven seconds, and she passed a big clump of security guys heading upstairs as she was going downstairs, so presumably this all got shut down before it could turn into A Thing. And I didn't see anything about it on the local news, which, good. Good. But, still -- the Medicare building? Really? So, what, then? Should I just forbid her from going outside, ever?

Oh, Jesus, is this what it feels like to be a parent?

I think the adrenaline left her kinda punchy. We were talking about Bernie Madoff earlier (again: no idea), when her brain-to-mouth connection slipped up and she accidentally called him "Hurdy Burdy". It's been two hours and she's still giggling about it.


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